2017 - A Visual Recap

It felt wrong to write a recap entry before the year had even ended, so here I am in 2018 putting this year in review together. I'll try and keep it light on words and heavy on the visuals.

2017, what a year. I just want to thank all the awesome clients I have worked alongside this year who believed in me and my work. Without you I wouldn't be able to do what I do. Thank you to everyone who has purchased photos from Temposhot. Thank you to everyone for your support, kind words, likes, shares and friendly knowing glances across the track, it means the world. 

Creatively I produced some of my best work to date. Images that I am exceptionally proud to call my own and to be able to share with you. I am really stoked to be able to photograph such a variety of talented and passionate athletes. Professionally I am proud to work with such awesome clients who are doing such awesome things. Proud that alongside Alisha we produce some of the best sports event images available in New Zealand for Temposhot.

Personally I navigated another year of university, found real enjoyment in my studies and inched closer to graduating in 2018. I ran new pbs, debuted into the senior ranks with an unexpected silver at nationals in the 800m. Mid year I moved to a new coach and a new training squad. (thanks for having me guys x)

2018 is exciting. New projects are planned. Images will be created. Races will be run. Roads will be traveled and pbs leveled. 

Special thanks in particular to: Athletics NZ, Paralympics NZ, Auckland GrammarPaul Petch, Anupam Singh, Ethan Lowry, Alisha Lovrich, Vaughan Craddock, Livvy Wilson, The training squad (Matt, Ben, Flynn, Luke, Ciaran, Aaron, Simon) and my wonderful parents.  

That's enough words from me. Lets enjoy my favorite images from the year that was 2017. (and some bonuses of me at the end)

Foggy Mornings

Foggy Mornings